For Employers

What is in it for Employers?

Whether you are a human resource professional or a business executive, it is likely you have witnessed how domestic violence and sexual assault impacts the workplace. By participating in the See the Signs & Speak Out training programs, you can invest in your workforce, connect with local experts, and make a difference in your workplace and community.

Invest in Your Workforce

Our free workplace training program can help to:

  • Reduce Absenteeism: Victims of rape/sexual assault often miss extensive work days because of the trauma, with one study finding that over a third lost more than 10 days.[1]
  • Increase safety: Another study found that two in five victims of domestic violence were afraid of their intimate partner's unexpectedly calling or visiting their workplace.[2]
  • Reduce risk: According to a 2004 study of domestic violence perpetrators, 78 percent used workplace resources at least once to express remorse/anger, pressure, or threaten the victim.[3]

Connect with Experts

See the Signs & Speak Out training encourages employers to reach out to local domestic violence agencies and rape crisis centers to leverage the expertise of experts in the field and to become familiar with community referrals for victims and perpetrators.

Make a Difference

Workplaces can help break the silence that surrounds domestic violence and sexual assault. An employer's leadership on this issue also sends the message to employees that domestic and sexual violence will not be tolerated and that victims will be supported. Employees learn skills that can help them make a difference in their families and communities.


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[3] Kim C. Lim et al., Maine Department of Labor and Family Crisis Services, Impact of Domestic Violence Offenders on Occupational Safety & Health: A Pilot Study (2004).



SAFETY ALERT: Computer use can be monitored and it is impossible to completely clear all website footprints. If you are in danger, please use a safer computer that your abuser can not access directly or remotely, or call ODVN 800-934-9840 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE.